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Time Series Data Visualization

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Alark Joshi


This program displays the rainfall data at a diurnal time scale. Diurnal variations in rainfall intensity and location are major indicators of the way precipitation works. This interactive visual representation based on time – evolution of rainfall at four locations in coastal Ecuador during the rainy season of 2009. It is also easy to read and use because it uses tools that people have most likely used for other types of analysis. Spatial and temporal patterns in weather data are often hard to pick out from a group of time series because of the noise from all other weather events. The four cities in Ecuador that are represented in this data are in a climatic transition zone. The visualization displays the data for the four cities in 3 different ways. One in the form of a movie, another as a static graph and the last one is bar graphs for each individual city. We are experimenting with approaches to increase the usability of the software.

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