College of Engineering Poster Presentations

College of Engineering Poster Presentations



Submissions from 2012


Versatile In-Situ Engine Lubricant Health Sensor, Sanjeev Acharya

Ceramic Electric Power Generator, Charles Adams, Jamal Alawadhi, Mike Nielsen, and Harpreet Singh

An Adaptive Noise Cancellation Device For First Responders, Raymond Adjanohoun, Greg Harvey, and Hung Do

Utilizing CFD to Optimize the Air Flow Channel for a Particle Counter Sensor, Jordan Anderson

Bone Cell Signaling in Parabolic Flight, Jason Archer, Lindsey Catlin, Reilly J. Clark, David Connolly, Marie Tharp, Eugene Castro, Audra Phelps, and Matthew Dolan

Imaging System for Monitoring Calcium Flux in Parabolic Flight, Jason Archer, Marie Tharp, and Matthew Dolan

Horse Power, Hannah Batey, Ben Birrer, Aaron Ayers, Seth Feuerborn, Joe Kerchinski, Kaleb Wilson, Mark Schmidt, and Toby Bower

Developing a Pulsed Electric Current Sintering Process for the Formation of Amorphous Tungsten Matrix Composite, Megan Beck and Kosette Leperi

Camp Rainbow Gold – Cathedral Pines Renovation, Peter Blake, Jason Kuglin, Stephen Diedrich, Jon Veit, Shelly Biggs, and Krista Heindel

Human Powered Vehicle, Matthew Brown, Zac Davis, Cody Defield, Brandon Layes, Trevor Tolman, and Lauren Yarborough

Design of Snow Penetrometer’s Embedded System, Kris Burch, Kolton Drake, and Lloyd Lowe II


Verification of Particle Image Velocimeter for Study of Martian and Lunar Regoliths, Kristopher Burch, Eric Wright, Jozey Mitcham, and Alfredo Bravo Iniguez


Camp Rainbow Gold: New Design, Andrew Campbell, Marcus Rasulo, Alex Nelson, Jill Pruett, and Jarom Gray

Design and Analysis of an Automated Brewing System, James Carrillo, Joshua Kindelberger, and Adam Spiegelman

Pierce Creek Fish Passage Project, Justin Carrol, Ben Davis, Mark Pacold, Shanna Gandiaga, Michael Schulz, Josh Baker, and Trevor Anderson

Crack Opening Displacement Technique to Evaluate the Magnitude of Residual Stress in Glasses, Paul Christiano, Nikki Kucza, and Jordan Ristow

Applications of Supercomputing in Engineering & Science, Nick Cordell

Autonomous Vehicle Docking System, Craig Cornwall, Kiev Darrington, and mark Leineweber

Why-Not Manufacturing Facility – Sage Engineering, Brian Coughlin, Doug Hardin, Andy Turner, Jared Norton, Will Chivers, Jason Fitch, and Brian Wright


Optical Audio Transmitter, Jerome Emanzi, Lumuli Wanyonyi, and Asif Ahmed

Understanding the Affects of Increased Special Boundary Fraction on Dynamic Recrystallization, Koyuki Fritchman, Caleb Corolewski, and Chris Stifter

Combining Hyperspectral and LiDAR Data in the CAVETM, Vanessa Gertman, Peter Olsoy, Nancy Glenn, and Alark Joshi

Design and Fabrication of a Heavy Lift R/C Aircraft, Brendan Healy, Mallory Yates, Kelci Parrish, James Carrillo, Phil Rodman, Jordan Anderson, Zachary Harris, and Nate Phillips

Impact of Organic Coatings on Corrosion of Aluminum Alloys, Chris Heimlich

Microstructural Evolution of an Oxide Dispersion Strengthened Steel Produced by Spark Plasma Sintering, Jeff Huntsinger

Development of a Micro-Scale Ceramic Turbine for Power Generation, Jeff Huntsinger, Zac Hays, Sean Patton, and Kai Mok

Synchronous Machine Parameter Identification, Silvino Jimenez, Matt Roper, and Kasandra Wolf

Mow Mat, Darus Jorgenson, Tony Huynh, and Camille Hallam

Modeling the Effect of Point Defects on the Structure of Perovskites, Binay Joshi, Kokfoong Chan, Emma Faulkner, Chris Rumrill, and Kevin Talley

Growth and Characterization of Ni2MnGa Single Crystals, Nikki Kucza, Martika Flores Ramos, Brittni Blessie, Brittany Muntifering, and Peter Müllner

Inverted Pendulum, Salvador Miramontes, Tim Stricklin, and Kody Duckwitz


Redesign of a Medical Crash Cart, Jozey Mitcham, Brittany Ireland, Tyler Towner, and Scott Winston


Ten Mile Road Interchange and Bridge Design, Brian Portugais, Joshua Lee, Darryl Joinol, Shelby Bittner, Alex Dow, Nicolette Villagomez, and Jonathan Solano

GEZ Engineering International, Inc.: Handicap Facilitation Device, Glen Purnell, Eric Rumsey, and Zabit Halla

Magnetic Field Induced Strain in Ni-Mn-Ga Wires and Foam, Martika Flores Ramos, Nikki Kucza, Brittany Muntifering, Peter Müllner, Peiqi Zheng, and David Dunand

The Garden Valley RV Park and Cottage Resort, Corey Scrima, James Anderson, Muraco Heinsohn, Bryce Waite, and Heather Wilson

Effects of Electromagnetic Stimulation on Soil Properties, Jessie Shocklee

The Design and Fabrication of Photovoltaic Cells for the Creation of a Solar Panel, Tom Simenc, Scott Szobonya, and Jason Zborowski

Stop the Drop, Daniel Steik

Field Emitter Control and Measurement System, Kyle Straub


Particle Size Characterization of Ferritic Oxide Dispersion Strengthened Alloy Powders, Sumit R. Tamrakar

Tilt Angle and Trajectory Sensing for Wildlife Tracking Applications, Ryan Thompson, Shem Purnell, and Blake Rapp


Repairing Mixed-Conducting, Ceramic Electrolyte Films, Kevin Tolman, Izaak Williamson, and Kokfoong Chan

Design and Analysis Towards Optimization of a Low Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic Micro Combustor, Tyler Towner

Time Series Data Visualization, Autumn Warren

Synthesis of Chalcogenide Glasses, Bryan Wright and Maria Mitkova

Attachment for the Improvement of Metered-Dose Inhaler Usage, Mallory Yates, Kelci Parrish, and Jordan Anderson

Active Tracking of Wolf Populations Using Autonomous Embedded Systems Design, Evan Young, Glenn Smart, and Brian Meek

Processing and Structure of Disordered Pyrochlores for Solid Electrolyte Applications, Viktoriya Yugay

A New Frontier for Smart Phone Gorilla Glass: Alternative Strengthening Method for Increased Reliability and Efficiency, Viktoriya Yugay, Caleb Corolewski, Jessie Minick, Chris Stifter, and Aaron Smith