War Eagle Shopping Mall Development

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Publication Date

April 2010

Faculty Sponsor

Dr. George Murgel and Dr. Molly Gribb


This senior design project is for the design of the War Eagle shopping mall in Elmore County, Idaho. It will be constructed on a 1,120 acre lot located 14 miles northwest of Mountain Home and 5 miles south of Interstate I-84. The Union Pacific Railroad bisects the site diagonally from the northwest to the southeast. The site is currently zoned as agricultural land. The project site is a Nitrate Priority Area which means that a level one nutrient-pathogen study will be required to evaluate the existing groundwater conditions and potential degradation due to the onsite wastewater treatment facility. Based on the results of this study and Department of Environmental Quality regulations, a wastewater treatment system will be designed. We will prepare a site plan that minimizes the amount of land used and allows for future expansion of the shopping mall. This design includes the layout and design of two anchor stores, three retail spaces, a restaurant, parking lots, access roads, a wastewater treatment system and stormwater management plan. One or more community wells will be designed, and we will specify the volume of a water storage tank needed to meet fire suppression and culinary needs.

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