Prairie Sun (2) Subdivision

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Publication Date

April 2010

Faculty Sponsor

Dr. George Murgel and Dr. Molly Gribb


Prairie Sun Subdivision is a proposed 181 acre community located northwest of Mountain Home, Idaho. The community is planned to accommodate 50 large acreage lots suitable for horse ownership and rural land use. This Planned Unit Development will offer common areas for social gatherings as well as public bicycle lanes throughout and equestrian trails granting access to the Bureau of Land Management lands adjacent to the community. A typical multi-family duplex style home will be designed to meet all local and state loading and coding specifications. The layout of the subdivision will include local traffic design and a storm water collection system. Typical to rural communities, local water supply and wastewater treatment systems will also need to be developed. A water storage and distribution system will be developed to account for potable, irrigation, and fire suppression water requirements. In accordance with Idaho Department of Environmental Quality in coordination with the Central District Health Department, a Nutrient-Pathogen (N-P) evaluation will be performed and analyzed prior to the wastewater treatment system design to account for the site’s location in a nitrate priority area. The design team will plan and propose an appropriate wastewater treatment system based on the N-P evaluation to ensure the effluent of the system will not adversely affect the surrounding ground waters. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Engineering practices will be implemented in each of the design aspects with a goal of Silver Certification. The certification will provide efficient utilization of materials and resources in planning and construction, the design of water and energy efficient homes, indoor environmental quality, and a sustainable community environment.

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