DC/AC Power Inverter

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Publication Date

April 2010

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Mr. Mark Laverty


In the world today, energy is becoming a more and more important commodity. Not only energy in general, but renewable, sustainable energy sources are being sought after in record numbers. One problem pertaining to electricity generation is converting the electrical energy from its generated state to a usable and marketable form. This brings the problem that needs to be solved to light. We are going to be designing a DC/AC power inverter, specifically designed to convert the DC power from a solar cell to usable AC power. To do this we will design an inverter that will take a 12V DC power source and convert it to 120V AC power that will be able to be utilized for many common household loads via a standard NEMA 5-15 plug configuration. This problem will require converting a flat 12V source into a 120V sinusoidal output. The project will require design of a controller system that will regulate the Pulse width modulation of the H-Bridge to convert to the periodic waveform that has positive and negative components. After the H-Bridge, a 1:10 power transformer will be utilized to boost the 12V AC signal to the required 120V AC signal, after which, the output will be filtered to achieve a cleaner sinusoid.

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