Two Way Automatic Communication System (TWACS) Filter Design

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Mr. Mark Laverty


The point of the project is to look into the possible causes and possible solutions for the Two Way Automatic Communication System (TWACS) that are currently being used by Idaho Power. The TWACS is used to read the power meters with a communication device instead of sending meter readers The TWACS can cause undesired voltage sags at some households utilizing this system. The goal is to filter out these sags without altering the peaks in the current waveform. Examples of problems that are caused by the TWACS include problems with UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply), flickering of lights on dimmer switches, clocks running fast, and transient pulses measured on the neutral to earth system during data transmission. The research that we are doing is focused on pointing out the cause of the problems that are caused by TWACS and to design a possible solution to fix the voltage sags in the waveform. One possible solution could be a simple filter design to filter out the sags and keep the current waveform unchanged. Fixing the TWACS helps Idaho Power so they do not have to pay employees to drive around and read the meters manually.

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