Influence of Sn Migration on Phase Transition in GeTe and Ge2Se3 Thin Films

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Phase transitions in GeTe/SnSe and Ge2Se3/SnTe are investigated using time resolved x-ray diffraction. GeTe exhibits a structural transition from rhombohedral to the cubic phase at 300 °C, which is ∼ 100 °C lower than that of pure GeTe. This is facilitated by incorporation of Sn from SnSe. Sn migration is observed explicitly in Ge2Se3/SnTe by separation of SnSe phase. Amorphous Ge2Se3 is also found to crystallize at a lower temperature of 300 °C resulting in orthorhombic GeSe and monoclinic GeSe2. Thus, inclusion of a Sn containing layer may offer a means to tailor phase transition in Ge-chalcogenide thin films for phase change memory applications.