High Current Field Emission Arrays for Crossed-Field Device Experiments

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Specially designed silicon gated field emitter array (SiGFEA) tips are used as large current electron sources for crossed-field device experiments. Thirty-six discrete field emitter arrays, each made of 100×100 tips, are integrated in to a single die using a mesh configuration for uniformity and reliability. The I-V characterization shows the devices are capable of producing current up to 5 mA at a gate voltage of 50 V and anode voltage of 200 V. However, after ultra-violet light exposure of 100 minutes, the anode current increases to > 50 mA. This enhancement can be attributed to the residual gas desorption stimulated by UV exposure. Eight such die are being integrated into a planar crossed-field device configuration with plans to use 32 die in a magnetron experiment.