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We demonstrate a novel chalcogenide glass (ChG)-capped optical fiber temperature sensor capable of operating within harsh environment. The sensor architecture utilizes the heat-induced phase change (amorphous-to-crystalline) property of ChGs, which rapidly (80–100 ns) changes the optical properties of the material. The sensor response to temperature variation around the phase change of the ChG cap at the tip of the fiber provides abrupt changes in the reflected power intensity. This temperature is indicative of the temperature at the sensing node. We present the sensing performance of six different compositions of ChGs and a method to interpret the temperature profile between 440 °C and 600 °C in real-time using an array structure. The unique radiationhardness property of ChGs makes the devices compatible with high-temperature and high-radiation environments, such as monitoring the cladding temperature of Light Water (LWR) or Sodium-cooled Fast (SFR) reactors.

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