Low Loss and Flat Dispersion Kagome Photonic Crystal Fiber in the Terahertz Regime

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A novel fiber design based on hexagonal shaped holes incorporated within the core of a Kagome lattice photonic crystal fiber (PCF) is presented. The modal properties of the proposed fiber are evaluated by using a finite element method (FEM) with a perfectly matched layer as boundary condition. Simulation results exhibit an ultra-low effective material loss (EML) of 0.029 cm−1 at an operating frequency of 1.3 THz with an optimized core diameter of 300 μm. A positive, low, and flat dispersion of 0.49 ± 0.06 ps/THz/cm is obtained within a broad frequency range from 1.00 to 1.76 THz. Other essential guiding features of the designed fiber such as power fraction and confinement loss are studied. The fabrication possibilities are also investigated to demonstrate feasibility for a wide range of terahertz applications.