Reinforcing Signal Processing Theory Using Real-Time Hardware

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Today there is a global need for engineers who are “DSP literate.” An obvious solution for supplying this need is to educate the next generation of DSP engineers. To do this, several powerful and highly versatile options are available. Real-time or quasi-real-time systems can be implemented using, for example, microprocessors, FPGAs, dedicated DSP hardware, general-purpose processors, graphical processing units, or smartphones. This paper discusses our efforts over the years using various dedicated DSP hardware devices to enhance our student's understanding of signal processing concepts and to develop the hardware and software skill-set routinely sought by future employers. Specifically, we introduce version three of winDSK8, a Windows-based graphical program that can control any one of three different Texas Instrument (TI) floating-point, real-time, DSP boards.

This paper was invited for the special session, “Advances in Signal Processing Education.” A real-time DSP demonstration will be part of our presentation.