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The potential of the millimeter wave (mmWave) band in meeting the ever growing demand for high data rate and capacity in emerging fifth-generation (5G) wireless networks is well-established. Since mmWave systems are expected to use highly directional antennas with very focused beams to overcome severe pathloss and shadowing in this band, the nature of signal propagation in mmWave wireless networks may differ from current networks. One factor that is influenced by such propagation characteristics is the interference behavior, which is also impacted by the simultaneous use of the unlicensed portion of the spectrum by multiple users. Therefore, considering the propagation characteristics in the mmWave band, we propose a spatial-spectral interference model for 5G mmWave applications, in the presence of Poisson field of blockages and interferers operating in licensed and unlicensed mmWave spectrum. Consequently, the average bit error rate of the network is calculated. Simulation is also carried out to verify the outcomes of the paper.

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