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As teachers are encouraged to help students become problem solvers, incorporating engineering methods into the classroom has become an important theme of conversation. The purpose of this paper is to explore the change in student attitudes when integrating engineering instruction within a middle school science classroom. This study involves 8th grade students located within a single science teacher’s classroom exploring the integration of engineering activities and content for the first time. We assessed student attitudes using a survey constructed by the Friday Institute1 aimed measuring perception toward STEM related fields and study. Surveys were administered before and after engineering lessons.

Along with student perceptions toward STEM content, we will describe the journey and thought process throughout the 8-week period from the implementing teacher’s point of view. We will detail the implementation process, reflect on student success and struggles, describe perceptions of student achievement based on student responses and completed work, as well as present an overarching reflection on the author’s journey throughout the process. Through the study and reflection others can learn how to bring engineering design into the classroom. It is also our goal that this process and study, including implementation, will help teachers become more confident adding engineering into their common practices and aid them in finding a place to begin.

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