Simulation of Electron Hop Funnels Using Version 9.2 of Lorentz-2E

Tyler Rowe, Boise State University
Marcus Pearlman, Boise State University
Jim Browning, Boise State University

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Electron hop funnels have been simulated using the new version of the particle trajectory simulation software, Lorentz-2E. Simulations were conducted to determine the validity of the version 9.2 results and the consistency of the results with a previous version of the software, version 8. In addition, a new method of injecting a uniform current with all rays of equal charge is discussed, and the results of the method are presented. Version 9.2 of the software was successfully implemented and a new emission model was tested. The transition of the software version will allow for faster simulation times of the electron hop funnel simulations to increase the understanding of the device.