Gamma Ray Induced Structural Effects in Bare and Ag Doped Ge–S Thin Films for Sensor Application

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We present data on radiation-induced effects in chalcogenide glasses that also trigger radiation induced structural reorganization contributing to silver (Ag) diffusion. To study these effects and silver diffusion, depending on the radiation dose, films were prepared and analyzed using Raman spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction and Energy Dispersion X-ray Spectroscopy. The results show a structural development occurring in films containing 45.4 at.% Ge with increasing radiation dose defined by increase in the edge-sharing/corner-sharing ratio, higher ethane-like unit values and rise of the amount of Ag diffused within the system. Utilizing these effects, a resistance based radiation sensing device has been created. The I–V curves characterizing the sensor operation demonstrate decreased device resistance as a result of the radiation.