Self-Trapping of Single and Paired Electrons in Ge2Se3

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We report the theoretical prediction of single and paired electron self-trapping in Ge2Se3. In finite atomic cluster, density functional calculations, we show that excess single electrons in Ge2Se3 are strongly localized around single germanium dimers. We also find that two electrons prefer to trap around the same germanium dimer, rupturing a neighboring Ge–Se bond. Localization is less robust in periodic, density functional calculations. While paired electron self-trapping is present, as shown by wavefunction localization around a distorted Ge–Ge dimer, single-electron trapping is not. This discrepancy appears to depend only on the boundary conditions and not on the exchange–correlation potential or basis set. For single- and paired-electron trapping, we report the adiabatic barriers to motion and we estimate hopping rates and freeze-in temperatures. For the single trapped electron, we also predict the 73Ge and 77Se hyperfine coupling constants.