Educational 360-Degree Videos in Virtual Reality: A Scoping Review of the Emerging Research

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360-degree video (or 360° video) is recorded in an omnidirectional form so that viewers can look in any direction while the video plays. Interest in the application of 360° video has been emerging along with the advancement of lower cost technologies and increase in online video content. Little is known about trends in the emerging research for 360° video. A scoping review was conducted through a systematic process to identify trends in peer-reviewed research journal articles. A sample of 12 articles were identified as meeting the research criteria. Findings illuminate the extent and nature of research on educational 360° video along with the benefits and drawbacks for learning. The results show how 360° video was used in nine different content areas to promote immersive learning through virtual reality. Learners indicated enjoyment with the experience of learning with 360° VR video, but the results were mixed regarding the impact on learning.