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Mobile devices have become ubiquitous, and their uses are various. In schools, many discussions about mobile devices are ongoing as more and more teachers are adopting the technology for use in their classrooms. Teachers’ attitudes toward mobile learning takes an important role in initiating its usage in schools. This study aims to investigate the attitudes toward mobile learning among Korean teachers. The authors’ primary focus lies on the teachers’ attitudes toward mobile learning in view of their differences in gender, school level, teaching experience, and subjects taught. In order to find out teachers’ attitudes toward mobile learning, the Mobile Learning Perception Scale (MLPS) developed by Uzunboylu and Özdamlı was utilized. The results of this study showed Korean teachers’ mobile learning attitudes was low in general. Female teachers were more positive than male teachers in their attitudes. Secondary school teachers’ attitudes on the Forms of Mobile Learning Application and Tools’ Sufficient Adequacy of Communication (FMA&TSAC) was significantly higher than elementary school teachers. The group with more than 15 years of teaching experience showed higher attitudes toward mobile learning than those groups that were less experienced. Language teachers showed higher attitudes toward FMA&TSAC domain than all other subjects’ teachers.

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