The PEER Collaborative: Supporting Engineering Education Research Faculty with Near-Peer Mentoring Unconference Workshops

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The PEER Collaborative National Network is a national peer mentoring network for early career tenure-track or mid-career tenured faculty who conduct and are primarily evaluated based on their research related to engineering education. This paper discusses the development, logistics, and outcomes of two PEER workshops built around a community of practice framework. Data from internal and external evaluations are presented to provide insights into aspects that worked well and aspects that need further development. Additionally, by reflecting on the workshops, participants crafted vignettes describing the impact the PEER workshops had on their personal and professional lives. The paper concludes with a discussion on the future of PEER (and potential spin-off groups from the PEER cohorts), and the changes that will be made in future workshops. Recommendations are provided for other organizers interested in developing successful “near peer” groups to address specific community needs.


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