American Education: Equal for Some, Unequal for Most

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Student Presentation

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Jessica Ewing


This essay, which is the culmination of a semester-long research project, involves investigating the inequality of America’s public education system, especially in urban vs. suburban schools. Through this extensive research, one word always comes up: privilege. I have found that it is extremely important to recognize that privilege is present in our current education system and that, while education is available to all children, all education is not of equal quality. Over 56,000 public schools are Title I schools, meaning almost half of the students are from low-income households. The issue of privilege is not only a local issue, but a national issue. Research on this issue has been conducted with critical analysis of secondary research, observations and experience working at Taft Elementary, a local Title I school, and interviews with local teachers at Taft Elementary and Boise State University. This is especially emphasized through the interview I conducted with Boise State University instructor Cailyn Scales who has experience in many underprivileged schools across the nation. This presentation will not only raise awareness on the issue of privilege and inequality of our education system, but encourage parents and all community members to become active in this current and relevant issue by making sure our students are not disadvantaged when it comes to their education.

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