Improving Teacher Quality: Stitch or Ditch

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Student Presentation

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A.J. Zenkert


Where is the role of teachers going? How can the general population monitor the effectiveness of the teachers that are training the future? Questions such as these have been circulating through my mind since I committed to majoring in Education here at Boise State. The concept of “bad teachers” has always been an area of passion for me. My experience with these types of teachers is very plentiful, to the point where I am questioning my own standards that I hold teachers to. Maybe I was too idealistic with my Hollywood expectations of the “hero teacher”? Or maybe I was in a struggling district that didn’t have the resources to higher quality educators? However, how can I expect the administration to hire quality teachers if they can’t even afford quality lunch tables? In this study, I will attempt to discover what the role of “teacher” is and try to understand the potential for measuring teacher quality. I also want to look at the process of “stitching or ditching” the under qualified/low quality teachers in order to understand how some of my teachers still ended up in the classroom. The main purposes of this research is to inform my audience of the importance of quality educators and to learn what kind of a teacher I need to be in order to pass my own “quality” standards.

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