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A.J. Zenkert


There never seems to be enough time to teach all that teachers want to teach and all that is required in elementary schools. The purpose of this inquiry project is to take a deeper look into what it is that teachers are required to teach within the Common Core State Standards and see if there is a way to integrate these standards with other content areas. The goal is to provide more information for teachers and other professional educators as to the benefits and drawbacks of content integration. Research was performed through personal instruction, observations of instruction, and interaction with students. Data collection focused on time spent on both lessons that were integrated and lessons that were not integrated. Comparisons were then made based on student motivation, work quality and comprehension. The project is left open ended because it is not intended to prove that integration is the method in which we should teach, but instead this research is meant to provide more insight on the topic to improve the way we teach and to enhance student learning.