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Development of an Inertial Exercise System with Automated Load Control

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Student Presentation

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Seth Kuhlman


Project Yo-Yo is a collaborative effort between BSU’s Mechanical Engineering Senior Design class of 2012, Eric Dugan, PhD, and Seth Kuhlman, PE. The development and validation of a fully functioning dynamically loaded, inertial, strength training and rehabilitation device was requested. The YoYo system integrates a multitude of exercises in one condensed design providing a versatile operational unit free from gravitational forces. An algorithm controlled by user input automatically adjusts the inertial load of the system to maintain a specified power output. The algorithm controls the inertial load by dynamically adjusting the radial position of rotating masses. Additionally, a retract mechanism was developed to eliminate the need for user specific anthropometric adjustments of the device and to ensure constant tension on the cables eliminating jerk on the user. Upon completion of the device, a biomechanics analysis will be performed to validate user loads, joint angles, and the performance of the device against benchmarked strength training systems.

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