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Publication Date

Spring 2024

Date of Final Presentation


Committee Chair

Amber Gentry, DNP, RNC-OB, IBCLC, CNE

Committee Member

Pamela Strohfus, MA, DNP, RN

Coordinator/ Chair of DNP Program

April Howell, DNP, RN

Abstract/ Executive Summary


Insomnia is difficult to treat resulting in adverse outcomes. Traditional treatments are not always safe or accessible. Evidence, not readily available to providers, supports the adjunctive use of nutrition to ease symptoms.


Literature recommends the Mediterranean Diet for insomnia. A nutrition education module for psychiatric nurse practitioners (n=4) was created by a multidisciplinary committee to increase knowledge and comfort. Pre-post Likert-scale tool, multiple choice test, and interview questions were used to measure educational benefits.


All participants demonstrated knowledge acquisition (range 11% to 100%), increased intention to use information (range 9% to 43%), and positive feedback about nutrition for insomnia.


This project demonstrates that education can increase knowledge and intention to use Mediterranean Diet information, providing an additional treatment modality for patients with insomnia.

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