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Spring 2023

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Teresa Serratt, PhD, RN

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Pamela Strohfus, DNP, RN

Coordinator/ Chair of DNP Program

Teresa Serratt, PhD, RN

Abstract/ Executive Summary

As one measure of quality of care and patient satisfaction, healthcare systems now routinely evaluate the patient experience. Nurses at every level of care, especially those in the hospital, can directly impact the outcome of that experience (American Association of Colleges of Nursing [AACN], 2011; Natsui et al., 2018). Communication with the health care team during patient visits enhances overall patient satisfaction, and research has established a clear correlation between the patient experience and improved patient outcomes and quality of care (Hermann et al., 2019, Sonis et al., 2017; Tan et al., 2013). Quality care, a high standard, reflects the need for and expectation of care with the care experience (Attree, 2001).

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