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Between Summer 2017 - Spring 2019, Albertsons Library’s Research Data Management Group worked on implementing a strategic agenda. Below is a report of the activities undertaken in response to that plan. In particular, the work of the group has been shaped and impacted by several key factors:

  • Over the past two years, the group had several changes in membership with two members departing, one new member joining, and another assuming additional job duties. Unlike earlier configurations of the group which focused more on exploration and development, the Research Data Management Group had evolved to the point where we are delivering services. As a result, changes in membership have a greater impact on the work and focus of the group.
  • As the university has wrestled with providing support for research data, the focus and priorities of other campus units has moved the Library’s group away from collaborative approaches and towards point-of-need interactions. This shift has furthered due to a limited ability for all partners to engage in shared goals.
  • Beginning in fall 2019, the Research Data Management Group began to notice a change in direction with the inclusion of the library’s new data visualization librarian. As the group has adjusted its focus, we found our priorities and interests have also changed. It is expected that further shifting will occur as the new Head of Scholarly Communications and Data Management arrives and have identified managing those changes as important goals to accomplish in the next two years.
  • At this stage, the Research Data Management group has determined it wants to build upon our previous strategic agenda by concentrating on establishing a sustainable service model and focusing efforts on clear areas that we can affect, particularly in regards to external stakeholders.