Type of Culminating Activity

Graduate Student Project

Graduation Date

Summer 2022

Degree Title

Master of Science, Cyber Operations and Resilience

Major Advisor

Sin Ming Loo, Ph.D.


The world and business are connected and a business does not exist today that does not have potentially thousands of connections to the Internet in addition to the thousands of connections to other various parts of its own infrastructure. That is the nature of the digital world we live in and there is no chance the number of those interconnections will reduce in the future. Protecting from the “outside” world with a perimeter solution might have been enough to reduce risk to an acceptable level in an organization 20 years ago, but today’s threats are sophisticated, persistent, abundant, and can come from pretty much anywhere: a hostile nation-state, a hacker in their parents’ basement, a disgruntled system admin, an unsuspecting accountant victim, and countless others. The methodologies and principles of perimeter-based protections of yesteryear must be constricted down to the resource level and constantly evaluated for risk in order to be effective today and into the future…and that constriction comes in the form of zero trust. We must no longer solely focus on protecting the perimeter of the network but take that same mentality and make that perimeter protection applicable to every user, resource, service, and asset within operation in our enterprise and our cloud services.