They Made It Look Effortless: OER in Faculty Professional Development in a Pandemic


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In this lightning talk, viewers will hear several instructional designers at Boise State University discuss how a training session on OER was developed during the COVID-19 pandemic to assist faculty in quickly switching from in-person to remote instruction. Each speaker will present a different aspect of how the training session—which was part of a larger faculty development initiative at Boise State—was designed and implemented, including how OER was ‘organically’ curated for this session. Speakers will address licensing and usage, including attribution and other requirements as set forth by the author of the OER that was used. In addition, the speakers will discuss the application of OER as a modeling tool for appropriate usage for the faculty’s own courses. Speakers will also address innovative solutions to challenges that come up during delivery of the training session, and if those solutions resolve the issues. Finally, speakers will reflect on ideas for possible improvement to the OER training session.

Learning Outcomes: In this case study, learners will come away with an understanding of: How ‘organic’ OER curation played a role in faculty development. Application of OER in an online faculty workshop. Making OER work with constrained timelines and budget.


This lightening talk was presented at the 2020 Open Education Conference.

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