KShot: Live Kernel Patching with SMM and SGX

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Live kernel patching is an increasingly common trend in operating system distributions, enabling dynamic updates to include new features or to fix vulnerabilities without having to reboot the system. Patching the kernel at runtime lowers downtime and reduces the loss of useful state from running applications. However, existing kernel live patching techniques (1) rely on specific support from the target operating system, and (2) admit patch failures resulting from kernel faults. We present KSHOT, a kernel live patching mechanism based on x86 SMM and Intel SGX that focuses on patching Linux kernel security vulnerabilities. Our patching processes are protected by hardware-assisted Trusted Execution Environments. We demonstrate that our technique can successfully patch vulnerable kernel functions at the binary-level without support from the underlying OS and regardless of whether the kernel patching mechanism is compromised. We demonstrate the applicability of KSHOT by successfully patching 30 critical indicative kernel vulnerabilities.