Convolutional Neural Network Ensemble Fine-Tuning for Extended Transfer Learning

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Nowadays, image classification is a core task for many high impact applications such as object recognition, self-driving cars, national security (border monitoring, assault detection), safety (fire detection, distracted driving), geo-monitoring (cloud, rock and crop-disease detection). Convolutional Neural Networks(CNNs) are effective for those applications. However, they need to be trained with a huge number of examples and a consequently huge training time. Unfortunately, when the training set is not big enough and when re-train the model several times is needed, a common approach is to adopt a transfer learning procedure. Transfer learning procedures use networks already pretrained in other context and extract features from them or retrain them with a small dataset related to the specific application (fine-tuning). We propose to fine-tuning an ensemble of models combined together from multiple pretrained CNNs (AlexNet, VGG19 and GoogleNet). We test our approach on three different benchmark datasets: Yahoo! Shopping Shoe Image Content, UC Merced Land Use Dataset, and Caltech-UCSD Birds-200-2011 Dataset. Each one represents a different application. Our suggested approach always improves accuracy over the state of the art solutions and accuracy obtained by the returning of a single CNN. In the best case, we moved from accuracy of 70.5% to 93.14%.