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The goal of this panel session is to introduce audience members to the challenges and successes of significant cultural and curricular change as enacted by awardees in the NSF program Revolutionizing Engineering and Computer Science Departments (RED). This panel will explore how organizations go about the process of cultural investigation and how they embark on culture change, using RED awardees of 2016 as the featured panelists (the second cohort). These teams are engaged in high-risk, high-trust-required activities focused on both the organizational and operational structure of their departments, and on re-envisioning engineering and computer science curricula to create professionals able to solve 21st century problems. A panel session allows the wider community to peek into these projects to see from the inside what's happening, even if only a bit. This paper captures short narratives on different themes of interest, developed by the individual teams and aggregated here as a first glimpse into the operations, challenges, and successes of these projects.


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