Pareto Optimal Security Resource Allocation for Internet of Things

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In many Internet of Thing (IoT) application domains security is a critical requirement, because malicious parties can undermine the effectiveness of IoT-based systems by compromising single components and/or communication channels. Thus, a security infrastructure is needed to ensure the proper functioning of such systems even under attack. However, it is also critical that security be at a reasonable resource and energy cost. In this article, we focus on the problem of efficiently and effectively securing IoT networks by carefully allocating security resources in the network area. In particular, given a set of security resources R and a set of attacks to be faced A, our method chooses the subset of R that best addresses the attacks in A, and the set of locations where to place them, that ensure the security coverage of all IoT devices at minimum cost and energy consumption. We model our problem according to game theory and provide a Pareto-optimal solution in which the cost of the security infrastructure, its energy consumption, and the probability of a successful attack are minimized. Our experimental evaluation shows that our technique improves the system robustness in terms of packet delivery rate for different network topologies. Furthermore, we also provide a method for handling the computation of the resource allocation plan for large-scale networks scenarios, where the optimization problem may require an unreasonable amount of time to be solved. We show how our proposed method drastically reduces the computing time, while providing a reasonable approximation of the optimal solution.