Comparing Sexual Misconduct Incidents in Annual Security Reports and Title IX Coordinator Data: Do Policies Increase Reporting

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Objective: Few studies have compared measures of sexual misconduct reporting, and there are few assessments of campus policies on reporting.

Methods: Using data from New York institutions of higher education (IHEs) (N = 209) we compare the number of sexual misconduct incidents reported in Annual Security Reports (ASRs) and to Title IX coordinators, and explore the relationship between policies and reporting across both measures, while controlling for institutional factors.

Results: The majority of IHEs had higher numbers of sexual misconduct incidents reported to Title IX coordinators than reported in ASR data. Student bills of rights were associated with higher reporting in ASRs no policies were associated with reporting to Title IX coordinators.

Conclusions: Campus sexual misconduct is both a public policy and a public health problem; we must advance the role of data and data-driven decision-making in crafting evidenced-based solutions.