Teaching About Victimization in the #MeToo Era: Introduction to the Special Issue

Lisa Growette Bostaph, Boise State University
Alison C. Cares, University of Central Florida
Bonnie S. Fisher, University of Cincinnati


This introduction to the special issue of Journal of Criminal Justice Education titled Teaching About Victimization in the #MeToo Era focuses on the justification for the special issue and provides an overview of the included articles. The #MeToo social movement, changes in college campus policies and procedures (e.g. Title IX), and social and political unrest in the larger community (e.g. Black Lives Matter, the Insurrection), and the COVID pandemic have inevitably changed students and faculty personally, as well as impacted teaching both in the classroom and online. The articles in the special issue provide faculty with an opportunity to think about their teaching about victimization, including providing specific approaches to adopt or build upon. The introduction concludes with recommendations for how to elevate the importance of pedagogical work done by faculty.