Effective Construction Management Teaching Strategies

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While lectures are the most common way to teach students, they are not necessarily the best way to convey all types of information. Many construction mangement concepts are often difficult to convey using traditional lecture strategies because the information is found to be abstract and out of context for many students. This paper discusses the findings of a study conducted to identify teaching strategies found most effective when teaching key compentencies of construction project managers to adults in higher education. Quantitative data concerning the key competencies of commercial construction project managers was used to develop questions to work within the five different perspectives on teaching from Pratt’s conceptual framework of teaching adults in higher education. The developed questions were used to conduct a qualitative study where current faculty members of construction management colleges were queried to determine which of the five startegies, or combination thereof, was most often used when teaching the identified key competencies to construction management students. The study found consistent strategies were used in teaching the identified key compentencies. The study is significant because by gaining a greater understanding of the teaching startegies found most often effective in teaching the key competencies of project managers, more effective education and training methods and procedures can be developed to facilitate the instruction of the defined key competencies, and improve the effectiveness of future project managers in the commercial construction industry.

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