Improving Motivation and Knowledge Retention with Repeatable Low-Stakes Quizzing

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Introductory level materials and methods courses in a Construction Management (CM) program generally require students to acquire an enormous new vocabulary. This vocabulary includes terminology pertaining to the materials themselves, as well as terminology defining the construction processes using the materials. Courses such as these form a backbone of knowledge that is necessary in nearly every other CM course, whether they are formal prerequisites or not.

A one-credit materials and methods lecture was modified, initially to provide more classroom lecture time. All testing during the semester was replaced with short online quizzes within a web-based course management system. Students were permitted to take each quiz multiple times until they achieved their desired grade. This testing method improved student excitement and motivation regarding the course material, as well as improving students’ retention of information.

This paper presents preliminary results illustrating the effects of repeatable low-stakes quizzing on students motivation and their retention of information in an introductory level materials and methods course.

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