International Service Learning as a Platform for Next-Gen Construction Management Education

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Evolving engineering and construction education places emphasis on the broader context of globalization, economics, the environment, and society. This broad and complex challenge necessitates the continued investigation of innovative interdisciplinary approaches for engineering and construction education. The 360 degree model for educating socially responsible global citizens developed by the authors (360 Global Ed model) addresses these current needs through a structured approach for developing students as global citizens through purposeful engagement. The 360 Global Ed model includes a theoretical framework, educational environment, academic coursework, and outcomes. At the core of the model is an international service learning experience. The service-learning component provides a collaborative, interdisciplinary classroom environment combined with an authentic international field experience. Four years of a mix-methods research assessment demonstrate outstanding results on the impact of student learning in the areas of global citizenship, personal and professional growth, and cultural intelligence. The authors have also observed challenges when working in an international environment in interdisciplinary student teams. This paper provides a background on the need for globalization, social responsibility and service learning in engineering and construction management education, introduces the 360 Global Ed model for educating socially responsible global citizens, and discusses assessment results on the impact of student learning. Additionally, the paper addresses observed challenges to an interdisciplinary international service course approach and provides curricular responses to those challenges.