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A research attempt was made to design a controlled low-strength material (CLSM) mix that can be used as bedding and haunch material for a pipeline by using the native soil as fine aggregate. Several CLSM mix designs were attempted using native high-plasticity clay as fine aggregate material. Comprehensive material characterization studies including flowability to strength tests were performed. These results were analyzed to address the applicability of each mix to serve as pipe bedding/backfilling zones in a pipeline construction. Both flowability and density test results are first evaluated, and as a result, several mixes are formulated. These mixes were further subjected to engineering characterization-related studies, and this paper presents these test results. Setting time, strength, and stiffness results as well as excavatability evaluations of these mixtures are covered as a part of these studies. These results indicate that the CLSMs can be produced using native high-plasticity soils with strength properties always matching specified requirements. Certain relaxation on setting time periods could further help in developing economical mix designs. CLSMs that meet project specifications are recommended for field implementation.

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