Describing the "Supported Collaborative Teaching Model": A Designed Setting to Enhance Teacher Education

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In this article we detail ongoing work designed to understand and improve our practice and that of the future teachers with whom we work. This work centers on helping elementary teacher candidates learn to implement instruction that supports student learning. We have developed and implemented a model--the "Supported, Collaborative Teaching Model" (SCTM)--to help teacher candidates make the transition from student to teacher and encourage them to implement content-rich science teaching. In designing this model we made a series of principled decisions to address specific challenges. Here we outline challenges associated with teacher education and explain how the SCTM helps us address those challenges. We also describe how the SCTM is made possible by our relationship with our Professional Development School (PDS) partnership school. There is reciprocity built into SCTM in terms of teacher candidates being able to work with elementary students and teachers seeing examples of inquiry-based science instruction.

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