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The one on a one-dollar bill signifies a quantitive measure of that one’s symbolic energy – what we would normally call its value. In the absence of energy, life cannot form. Just as nature abhors a vacuum, we learn to abhor a debt. This understanding of value and debt informs the larger framework of analysis used to examine the seemingly never ending U.S. Presidential campaign of 2016. While many argue that Hillary Clinton represented the maintenance of the status quo, this paper points to evidence supporting a different conclusion. In the first place, to what status quo could they be referring? Second of all, as I argue here, a Clinton presidency would have signaled a coup of sorts. As WikiLeaks summarized it: “There is no election. There is power consolidation.” With the U.S. executive brought into the consolidation of and around energy, what has become the status quo in Syria would have intensified and WWIII would have been unavoidable.

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