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The purpose of this working group is to bring together scholars with an interest in examining the research on quantitative tools and measures for gathering meaningful data, and to spark conversations and collaboration across individuals and groups with an interest in synthesizing the literature on large-scale tools used to measure student- and teacher-related outcomes. While syntheses of measures for use in mathematics education can be found in the literature, few can be described as a comprehensive analysis. The working group session will focus on (1) defining terms identified as critical (e.g., large-scale, quantitative, and validity evidence) for bounding the focus of the group, (2) initial development of a document of available tools and their associated validity evidence, and (3) identification of potential follow-up activities to continue the work to identify tools and developed related synthesis documents (e.g., the formation of sub-groups around potential topics of interest). The efforts of the group will be summarized and extended through both social media tools (e.g., creating a Facebook group) and online collaboration tools (e.g., Google hangouts and documents) to further promote this work.

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