Effect of Changing Demographic and Transportation Technology in Treasure Valley

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Student Presentation

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Samia Islam


The Treasure Valley has been experiencing rapid growth in recent years due to the daily conveniences of shorter commutes and affordable cost of living. This influx of new residents into the Boise metro area will have an impact on the local transportation infrastructure. We will be researching the potential effects of long range transportation planning that will accommodate this growth. Our research will be focused towards the future of technology for the Treasure Valley which will include self-automated cars, drones, and other tools created to help the transportation system flow more efficient. We will also be examining the effects these inventions will have on drivers who choose not to switch over immediately and how this will affect the environment of technology. We will also be examining what it will mean to the Treasure Valley focusing on whether people will acclimate in comparison to the younger generations who take on technology as a luxury whereas other generations may find it to be more difficult. The basis of our research is to cover thirty years into the future of the transportation system in the Treasure Valley and if it will remain the same or will change be what is best for the future.

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