Matching Funding to Transportation Projects Across Southwest Idaho

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Student Presentation

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Samia Islam


While COMPASS directs transportation funding received from sources regularly utilized, new transportation projects have been identified for Southwestern Idaho that will not happen without access to additional funding sources. Our research is intended to find new sources of funding, and the development of a system for matching projects with potential funding sources. Initial research will focus on identifying new funding for the region. We will analyze potential grant sources, and document the characteristics of the proposed funding. In addition, we will also conduct an assessment of current transportation project needs, and provide information on known grant funding sources that align with the scope of proposed projects. We will compile a database of proposed projects and their objectives, and timelines of application deadlines for relevant grants. Our intent is to produce a database that COMPASS can update as needed. We expect that our research and analysis will help COMPASS develop a codified system of identifying revenue sources for future transportation projects in our region.

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