Homelessness in Small Cities

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Student Presentation

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Zeynep Hansen


There has been a dramatic rise of homelessness in America over the past several decades. A lot of research on homelessness has been done since then, however, most of these studies fail to distinguish homelessness in big cities versus small cities as well as the unsheltered versus the sheltered homeless population. The lack of this distinction has caused a problem where solutions to homelessness only apply to certain demographics. This paper will focus on the unsheltered homeless population in both big and small cities. Based on a review of articles on the homeless population, funding for the homeless population is distributed differently depending on the size of a city and the category of homelessness a person falls under. It shows why homelessness is handled differently from city to city. This research will analyze different solutions presented by prior researchers and how these solutions differ with regard to the size of a city and the category of homelessness.

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