The Education Attainment Levels of Boise Schools

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Student Presentation

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Samia Islam


Historically, Idaho has ranked poorly in terms of education. With rapid growth occurring in the Boise Metropolitan Area, however, the issue of education is becoming more pressing. Our research will focus on the education attainment levels in Boise compared to the rest of the United States. Our research will look at spending per capita, years of schooling, demographic analysis of the population, and analysis of the average household. Additionally, our research will evaluate parental marital status and size of families, as well as the number of children in the school lunch programs. The primary objective will first be to identify key differences between the Idaho education system and those of similar states. More specifically, we will look at the Boise School District and compare it to others with similar demographics such as in Eagle and Nampa. Besides school districts with similar demographics, we will also evaluate the effectiveness of several programs tested in low-income, urban environments such as Chicago and Michigan. We will discern what ways the current system is successful and what can be improved upon. With this information, we will suggest ways to advance the current education system and identify better options for the Boise school district and the Idaho Education system.

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