Boise Educational Demographic Analysis: How to Improve Education in Idaho

Document Type

Student Presentation

Presentation Date

April 2016

Faculty Sponsor

Samia Islam


The population of Boise has been steadily increasing every year. With an influx of people comes an influx of students to schools in the area. Our team will conduct a two-part project. First we plan on collecting demographic data that pertains to Boise’s educational state. We will utilize tools such as the National Center for Education statistics, to find out class sizes, ethnic background and graduation rates. We will also use peer reviewed scholarly articles, and any federal and local government resources we can to see what Idaho spends on education per year. When we have collected that data we would like to compare that to other states of the same population and likeness to see where Idaho stands in relation to education in other states. Once we have collected enough data about Boise and it’s current state of education, we will work on addressing any issues we find with proposed solutions, or an analysis of what we believe would be most helpful in improving the situation. In our solutions and analysis we want to assess the opportunity costs of these ideas should they be implemented. We know that no plan can completely fix the education system, and that it is a slow process, but as a team we believe that the key to successfully completing our project would be to find the most efficient solution for the city.

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