Comparing Recreational Amenities in Boise versus Comparable Cities

Document Type

Student Presentation

Presentation Date

April 2016

Faculty Sponsor

Samia Islam


Our research will examine the availability of urban amenities in Boise, Idaho as compared to other cities of similar size and character. Using publicly available data, we will present statistics from Boise, Idaho, Spokane, Washington, and Reno, Nevada. We are choosing to target Spokane and Reno because of similar population sizes, regional locations, and the notion that they are all college cities.

Our focus is on examining the livability of Boise by comparing its recreational amenities per capita to other cities of similar functionality and size. We will primarily look at the number of restaurants, coffee shops, libraries, movie theaters, music venues, hotels, and bars. We expect to find fewer recreational amenities per capita in downtown Boise than what is offered in our sample of target cities.

Based on our analysis of the data as well the zoning policies and strategies in the compared cities, we will make policy recommendations for increasing the level of urban amenities in downtown Boise.

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