Idaho Bean Seeds in Puerto Rico

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Student Presentation

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Mark Buchanan


The Global Scholars Program, sponsored by International Business Programs, partners selected students with an Idaho company to carry out international business research projects. This year, the Global Scholars are working in cooperation with the Idaho Bean Commission to explore new market opportunities for Idaho bean seed producers in Puerto Rico.

Idaho’s current bean industry has the capacity to export beans for all of Central America, and as a result, believes Puerto Rico to be the future staging area for the Caribbean. Therefore, the Idaho Bean Commission welcomed this opportunity to partner with the Program.

Puerto Rico industrialized during the 1950s, which brought upon unprecedented expansion in food consumption and imports, but also undermined the productive potential of the agriculture sector. Recently, Puerto Rico has expanded that industry, which creates opportunities for business and investment. The Global Scholars will conduct market research to help decide if Puerto Rico’s growing agricultural industry is a viable market for Idaho seed beans.

The Global Scholars will continue their research through a live case study in Puerto Rico in March. The Global Scholars will participate in the BSU Undergraduate Research Conference in order to present the results as presented to the Idaho Bean Commission.

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