Submissions from 2016

Refugees: A Projection of Future Housing Developments in Boise, Busayo Apampa, Joseph Dondero, Steve Hall, Dakota Shafer, and Jillian Lumbert

Transit Access For Underserved Populations in Boise, ID, Patrick Baker, Trever Arnold, Ibrahem Alotaibi, Kyle Johnson, Drew Barsch, and Katie Combs

Economic Growth Models and Sustainability, Sean Ippolito

Boise Educational Demographic Analysis: How to Improve Education in Idaho, Lauren Johnson, Bailey Rogers, and Ben Rudd

Idaho Bean Seeds in Puerto Rico, Kimberly Luna, Kelsea Malloy, Megan Wenger, Braden Blaser, Shaura McDermott, Rylee Lewis, Jordan Atnip, and Patrick Phillips-LaNeve

Comparing Recreational Amenities in Boise versus Comparable Cities, Andrew Paul, Tyler Norton, Jesse Tanaka, and Shelley Cowger


Boise Bicycle Ridership: Locational Efficiency of Bicycle Transportation for Refugees, Makenzie Peake, Ryan Wallace, Tasha Smagula, Alyssa Cooper, Alex Guy, and Crispin Gravatt

The Education Attainment Levels of Boise Schools, Sophie Shearer, Austin Lowe, Mike Lucero, Tanner Ashworth, and Courtnie Carter

Where Shall They Go? On The Resettlement of Refugees in Boise, ID., Christian Sprague, Joe Sandow, Rebecca Kopp, James Hannum, and Jeong-Hyun Boo