Role of Education in a Growing City

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Student Presentation

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Samia Islam


Our study aims to determine the sources of growth in the Boise-Nampa Metro Area. Research has shown that increases in educational attainment levels and increases in productivity are highly positively correlated. Typically higher levels of educational attainment leads to higher wages. Therefore, our research will examine the effect of educational attainment levels on median wage in the Boise metro area to determine whether higher high school graduation rates lead to a higher median wage in Boise. We will present an analysis of the median wage and educational attainment between 1950 to 2013. We will use data from the US Census Bureau and the Gem State Prospector in our analysis. We will also present a comparison between Boise-Nampa MSA, Colorado Springs MSA, Spokane MSA, and Des Moines MSA in terms of educational attainment levels and median wage. These cities have similar size, political leaning, and racial makeup as the Boise-Nampa MSA. We expect to show a link between increases in educational attainment and wage growth.

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